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Pte. Z.. admitted June 5th with milddiphtheria, which readily

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of the head of the radius and the idua at the same level.

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Hunter, dispenser to the Northumberland War Hospital,

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Hey did not regard the bases with which his various pastes

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washing in saline, reagghitinate when mixed with an

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from phthisis. I fonnd that there -was no cardiac impulse

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Cleveland's inauguration had taken place on March 4fch,

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headmaster of the school, the Rev. W. Barton, and myself

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a considerable distance from any legitimate object, and a

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haemorrhages from the bowel took place, the last just hefore

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on whom an intrathoracic operation is to be performed

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saj', tlie back of the car, is that their capacity is too

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all sorts, and is divided for convenience into 168 sections.

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were taken daily. The result was immediate and immense

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again, it would seem that the real remedy is to give

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dropsy following scarlet fever. This phenomenon had

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through the principal streets of the city. It was not only

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upon this particular subject. To these directions we have

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given, but it should be avoided in septic cases, and in

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to describe the conditions or circumstances, the word

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and the Australian and New Zealand mounted divisions

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OrtoberietU the bov was indisposed, and dmmg ^ne nieUi

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experiencing sucli varied climates, was 15 per cent. — -

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future pregiiaocies by performing conservative Caesarean

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and if one accepts the need of this memorandum — and

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(leiiicauour auil attitude and conversation. This is I'asy

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commands. So far as the War Office was concerned, such

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for pure neuroses and high frequency for cases of high

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Health. Representatives attended from" a large number of