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a term of opprobrium, or as they would say. "calliuo them

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heart makes its appearance early, and to which be con-

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pseudo-membranous, resembliug diphtheria in appearance,

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Si/philis occurred in 8 cases, and did not appear to be

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grasping the foot firmly. A padded malleable metal jaw

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the fourth examiner will examine the chest and abdomen,

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tion water ; the opacity developed also about the tissue.

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the appeal tribunal, and if that tribunal thought that he

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this course was generally pursued. The foregoing, then, is

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promoted to captain on completion of a year's service. He

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them, the spirit to resent them, and the esprit de corps

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au admirable manual for first year medical students, who

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(Advertisements, etc.). Articulate, TTeitrand, London; telephone,

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Britain has been divided into ten regions, one each

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Senior Medical Inspector, Local Government Board, urged

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occasionally be reversed to get the benefit of both the

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overlapping, and these in the sphere of iiublic health had

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published several small works for students, and these were

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A slight rise in temperature and some transient albu-

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Government Board hoped for the assistance of the National

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more nor less than a war time makeshift ; but that is all

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a statement of some results. Compound fractures of all

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hope that the exhibits in Room III will be extended in

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majority there was no evidence that the scopolamine had

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teaching of radiography will be made a compulsory part of

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will start up much more readily in cold condition on-foal

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however, and I tliink the absence of satisfactory results

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never weary of iwinting out that nuich of the inability of

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and sutured with chromicized catgut. These sutures,

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was impossible because of an original fault in their bio-

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warrant rank as sergeant-major on October 12th, 1914, and

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this subject, but for the sake of historical accuracy

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iiit'eotion may lead to the allcviatiou of symptoms of

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Vesalius at Padua, bad visited other Italian universities,