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Ministry of Food, after consultation with the War Bread

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all regions, except the angle of the mouth, where slight

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principles of their physical diagnosis has been written by

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hospital was hit, that it was definitely aimed at. Surely,

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but for a plentiful supply ot egg and milk and rum.

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I'inally, the " Abernethian Society" was estaWished in

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to industries and the service of tlie nation ; and to discuss

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I.ond Adaplmt for India, (.'alcutta: Huttcrwortb and Co. (India).

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Uraemia ensued in four of the eases under our direct

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the rays had failed to give any sensation of light. As

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tuberculosis occurring in later life was both more common

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House of Commons on November 12th. The bill is sub-

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logists and surgeons. The time for the apiiearance of this

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attains these objects more successfully than when drainage

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\ note by Caotain Francis A. Duilield, E.A.M.C.fS.R.). stateg

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Elliott. Without his foresight, energy, judgement, and

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posts of resident surgeon and physician at the Melbourne

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a question as to the power of the Local Government Board

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with B.edi, B. psemlo-coU, D. coli tioplciills, I!, vcajiolltnnns, and

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ou the Continent, and it was noteworthy how ably he

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an hour another one-third grain omnopon alone was given.

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All the patients' treated were suffering from symptony;

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of a verbal and confidential nature, and gave Crookes

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walked regularly from four to six miles a day. He told

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few years of usefulness, but six remain, and arc flourishing

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other condition w Iiich might tend to produce this result.

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I think these views tend to the simplification of theory.

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that the development of insanity is remarkably indepen-