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^},y, gr.) she became excited, and said she felt as if she was having

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make a medical survey of the male population of the

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This referred to the supply of heroin " for an otiicci- and

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and the protein medium than upon germicidal action.

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on its mesial side, and the forceps on the outer side of

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to enable the Executive to call a special conference if

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to be one in which the initial vomiting is severe, repeated and

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The nucleus of the medical staff will be Captain V. Kidiier and

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of the metal is taking place there is a tendency in some

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those who are more immediately interested in it the

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prisoners being talien and casualties, estimated at 8,000,

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who should he lit for A (Ij as soon as hardened ; i4j"men imder

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manently filled ; they have asked only that Dr. Stokes may

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comfort when the pleural cavity was closed at operation

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ment of discharged disabled men and the situation which

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who did not wear corsets were on the road to ruin ; which

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factors in bringing about a fatal issue in the wounded

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Lord RnoxiinA then addressed the Conference and said

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opportunity of learning at a glauce the methods i^ractised

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R.A.M.C. ; Edward .\rchibald Walker, M.D., R.A.M.C ; Hubert

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and 150,246 females, a total of 783,169. On October 1st,

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a pool into which uo corresponding sums have been paid,

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successor, William Hunter, made a magnificent collec-

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J/rfcrs.— Automatic type, 100-light size, fitted with special

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There is considerable difference of opinion as to the