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In my opinion enucleation of the tonsil by the gnillotine,
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fi'aenum ; (2) glands in groin shot-like and enlarged. No other
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when the soldier was alive, and no wound of entrance to
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liitchen is placed under a tent fly. When, however,
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the whole power of the motor when the gears are fully
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sixteen soldiers in whose body pieces of projectile had
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would have found tbe " suniudt of maximal pressure is tli-Iayed
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many months we could very rarely obtain autitetanic
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a proper environment — certain attributes of this class
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luanner in which the work on the PasschendaeleYpres
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and, finally, a set of curative workshops, which are among
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and its literary charm, should bo read almost as a model
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at particular hospitals, and the results which attend the
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" treatment " and trust to sterilization being effected by
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The glomerular lesion in the kidney was well marked
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urgently to be dealt with by such authority. Dr. Mary
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Since the war, however, surgeons have been called upon
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to secure the adoption of these modified by-laws in ruraH
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of right kidney pulped; spleen and kidney packed; no
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October 17tb. He was educated at St. Mary's Hospital,
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method of preparing and mixing it with wheat JJour; as
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chest, but on the right side there was a shadow wiiich
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other origin, these incomplete examples need not be
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that. It was considered that no definite time sliould bo
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from the United States. They work under the orders of
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tration was begun When pains Avere regular, at about live
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(pa"e 695) the objections to the employment of direct as
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lost one or more parents (brothers and sisters) from pul-
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large quantities of radium, whereas gall stones associated
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of the work already acco-.iiplishcd by the a.ssociation; he
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the after-ctTecls of wounds (6s.) ; typhoid and paratyphoid
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scissors. As the result of this incision the neck of the
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advice of Bourdello ou account of a globular pulsating
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manj' methods it has adopted to secure its chief object —
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with faint praise. It would appear that the Committee did
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Discharge. — The urethra remained purulent for a much
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after landing, is not uncommon ; tremor due to fatigue
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thigh-bones. .\ study of these specimens will show that
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the sac is sewn in addition to simply tj'ing the ligatuie.
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