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another question, Mr. Macpherson said that the present

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The balance after deductions can still be withheld in-

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someone who understands their condition better. Some.

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hausted muscles rest by removing the source of their

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David Nabarro, M.U. Un page 12 it states, "Dr. Castellani

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had been prepared and disinfected, and an operating table

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Fig. 10.— Head of a cross-bred Devon ox with an accessory heaj

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K. A. M.C. .Frederic Battinson Smith, R.A.M.C, Edwin Cyril W.

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fragment extracted, and all the gangrenous tissue removed with

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regiment of six companies, and an engineer regiment of

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of over 80,000. It contains forty-one schools, for the

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and few pathological nuiseums are without an example.

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convulsions of the period. Not only were the abolition and

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Sft. iu lcii« < 2)1.1. .liiuiietfr : also 4ft. Gin. x 2 ft. ; Grt.4iu.

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more than he, and no one has realized and applied the

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involved risk of inducing increased intracranial pressure

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scabies I have seen for some time, and he assures me that,

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A SPKCUL Supplement to the London Gazette, issued on

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mention omitted. It is pointed out that the declaration of

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that benefit was chiefly limited to 3.3 per cent, of the total.

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associated with hysterical symptoms, and the patients have

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introduced by the ^larine Clarage of Bcxhill-on-Sea, and

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Physiological Laboratory of the University of Chicago.

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was on some portions of the Vimy fi-ont during the spring

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First .-l((m/.«.^■Mll iSeptember 3rd. 1915).— Signs of infection : (11^

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and as the Royal Commission on Venereal Diseases ex-

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tliey should be selected from the best talent available, and

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we have found generally applicable, is the preliuuuary

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the Acts for the prevention of food adulteration, for

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administering oxygen with ether and chloroform. Tho

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can now dispense for panel patients except at a loss ? We

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accordance with the energy transformations demanded

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who believe this tradition must tell us " where the cocka.