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have been established for their benefit in regions behind
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found just under the sui-face epithelium and neai- the
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is the prevention or amelioration of blindness, and his work
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food and microoijjanisms about the gums; but this ill
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mission for the promotion of officers who had served
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Medical officers should, as far as possible, anticipate the
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itvidcucc of pelvic kidneys in other mammals. This may
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the needle is just passed through Poupart's ligament.
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occurred, so that the man returned eventually to find his
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nearly 1,600 people, mostly of the labouring class, and
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of Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was greatly
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officers of various grades. Mr. Macpherson said that only half
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Dr. Wilfrid O. Mei-.k said that the results of saua»
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ft doubtful case the result of the examination may be
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infection often develops some time after admission. In-
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gallantry and steadfastness of the cavalry, infantry,
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while the other lung develotJS well-marked signs of in-
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Mr. .John Hodge, Minister of Pensions, who recorded his
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in the discovery of phonetic hieroglyjihics from his study
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a notable decline. Iu August the rate was 23.8 in 1917,
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flesii-ability of its practical application : Hartmann led the
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of fonr cases treated, or 25 per cent. Of the three prepara-
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Jloderus may agi'ee with the contention that students
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Leave of absence was granted to the President for three
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to obscurity and to the neglect of our mother tongue.
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A male child was born at 3 p.m. on JIarch 19th, 1913.
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2. Open the ■wound freely and, if possible, sufficiently to
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The results of the thousands "of vaccinations performed each
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son of Lieut.-Colonel H. N. V. Harington, I.M.S. (retired), died
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series of pap;rs' recently published from tiie First
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patieut. He said: " I want to consult you about a young lady
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surgical practice, and also the methods suitable for their
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is proposed to send abroad men in categories lower than A,
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Fleming, H. W., Second Lieutenant Bedfordshire Regiment,
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Biug. Robert: Kevue, "Opinions Allemands sur les accidents
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certainly never said an unlimited class of permanent
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men under my charge were characterized by the insidious
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with a suspension in saline of an agar slant growth of
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No person shall sell or supply anv article specifieil in the