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texamined in the same, and all the examinations and exer-

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to start a number of courses iu various subjects at Cardiff.

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18 and 19 of the bill, and to make representations to

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of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. This board

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leverage is all-important. As the movements of the hand

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ballot vote on the cai'd basis from three lists of nomina-

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thetists were necessary lor plastic operations on the face.

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shock— such as the training of cadets, training iu the

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made from the very beginning, was that the medical pro-

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intervals, and four weekly injections of 1 grain mercury cream ;

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compilation, and his Introduction to Medical Literature,

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extravasation of blood beneath the articular cartilage. In

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that an effort was being made to reduce the medical

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■with the Insurance Committees of coimlics and county

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liidney drained, packed with gauzD ; only upper poJe of kidney

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cussions on possible amendments to be conducted in a

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long as he was to use his brain, the medical training was

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new memorandum expresses the opinion that, speaking

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Jluswull Hill, N. Ho was sovei'ely wounded on August 16th

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and access to. the pleural cavity, sufficient rib was removed

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brought the patient to consciousness the amnesic effect

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both for the patient and the country that he should

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.^.'f'?^''.""^''- . '-^'^^^'^ movements were synchronous wUhtle

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■wounded loops of intestine, artificial uuiou of the frac-

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Insurance Committee, in a pamphlet of less than rtlty

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absolutely paralysed, yet if the disabled man lies on his

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hear of impossible demands. We must remember there is