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Forssman, J. : Uebcr die Ursaclieii Welche die "Waclistliuma-

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and deep reflexes, possibly also some slight irritability of

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1916, and subsequently took a temporary commission as


enlarging the wound. In exceptional cases it may be

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under the supervision of the school medical service,

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museum. Each specimen represents an exact investiga-

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I'-ffcct on the Infant. — In some cases, especiallj' when

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September 22nd, where he tells the story of a serious opera-

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it easier for the feelings of the beneficiaries, but he

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the foreign body was removed, but six weeks later he


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Mackenzie rendered a constant and valuable service by

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on p. 61, should be " Cannizzaro " ; the use of the symbol

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Sir Pardey received the C.S.I, in 1910, and was pro-

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thoroughly washed out, and this mechanical process is

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This is ajipareutly due to the case with which sodium

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of normal saline injections. The chart illustrates the

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Shortly after the death of Dr. J. Monro Campbell, a well-

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temporary commission as lieutenant iu the R.A.M.C. on

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body will be needed with the so'e duty of watching over

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htate of seuii-narcosis. If it were true that the practi-

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At 8 a.m., on March 22ud, it was noticed that there had

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caffeine is not absorbed until it reaches the alkaline alimen-

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had referred to the great contribution of India. Colonel

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comitant infective process ; naturally cases of pure un-

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two non-commissioned officers and two privates of the

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the cost of maintenance being provided so that the men

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The sccoml stage was mai-kedly pi'olouged, especially

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Sloan M.C, R.A.M.C (M.C gazetted July 18th, 1917;; Gideon

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amined a live torpedo [T. narce) sent him by the Grand

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from mouth to mouth ; where the source of knowledge

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lives in the service of the country, and tendered sympathy

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to the weight and leverage of the trunk, separation of the

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local boards inight be the functions of a Central Board of

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practitioner who is a member of His Majesty's forces,

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to the therapeutic effect of antitetanic .serum is still incon-

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eventually released through tlie intervention of the

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entire series of experiments, which involved 122 rats,

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bring lo'ng-needed improvements to the apparatus and

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