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Jlr. Duke, introduced the Midwives (Ireland) Bill in the
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drawn under considerable pressure and 27 antinieningo-
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still remained a second factor which needed discovery.
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â– were applied and the man was rested in bed, but three
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-salvarsan and two weeklv injections of mercury cream. The
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is favoured by hot weather, by the practice of damp-
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of shock and tbe better correlation of laboratory and
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the metal in the body undisturbed. There is always the
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The alteration in the position of the eve influences the'
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a preliminary blood test should be made before transfusion
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3. Where there is severe neuralgic pain, "causalgia."
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In recognition of their services the King has appointed
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November 28th. aged 24. He was the only son of the late
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twofold. On the one hand the dead and dying material is
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to the first atropine test applied to them. Captain Marris
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powera and moral nature of man, his reason and jvidge-
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primary granulating syphilitic sore on under surface of
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Medical Council, Mr. Hodsdon, President Royal College of
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been appointed Consulting Visitor in Lunacy in the place
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medical practitioners required for the army, but in order to
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legs with oil, and the provision of a daily change of clean
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reached 57.1, Rubner 49.2, Atwater 60, Zuntz 75, American
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standing in the way of what the public, as well as the
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to pass blood from tlie bowei; no baematemesis uor bleeding
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He had his full share of troubles: none the less, or all the
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same in tliem it would appear that half the famiHes
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I live in Somerset and also work on a fringe of 'Wilt- '
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amounting to almost complete proof of the cure of the first
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child at which he is the accoucheur; should he fail to do so,
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Captain Horace Dorset Eccles, R.A.M.C, was reported
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asked whether tlie Director-General of Army Medical .Services
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rubbed in by to-and-fro movements of gauze. Wounds closed
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usual experience before they can bo used satisfactorily.
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the other overseas contingents. Speaking of the medical