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to be resumed at the eailiest irossible opportuuity.

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tion of many of the small tropical towns and villages at

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diagnosis could be made by examination of the cerebro-

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case did there develop any evidence of illness. It has been

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cerned in the diet of invalid Canadian soldiers, from the

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teaching facilities at medical schools, and laws relating

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pioduoe an effect upon medical thought in England, and

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losis have been transferred to war purposes, and buildings

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seen later, the hypochlorites, ehloramine-T, and similar

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The staphylococcus was the only organism present in all

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VI. Acriflavine.! Concentration: As added, 1:333; in mixture,

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F.R.C.S. in 1890, and tho degree of M.D.Lond. iu 1904.

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The mental state of the gonorrhoea patient is vei-y

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if members prefei'red it should be called the Central Fund ;

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the chair, and introduced his successor, Dr. William D.

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ptoms and supervision at the really incipient stage

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and Anderson, and admirably worked out experimentally

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culosis at an earlier stage than at present. It certainly

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culture, however, a growth of pneumococci was obtained.

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spirochaetal infection ; streptococci found in the urine

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Germany. Professor L. Lewiu of Berlin, iu a impor** on

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brownish-red, the wound being covered with granulations

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pains were good at the time of the first injection.

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nasal membrane, only 2 per cent, solution should be used.

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treated with this drug, the results being shown iu the

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present, " some part of whose sacrifices and achieve-

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urine during and immediately after the exacerbations of

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effective expression; to promote the ai')plication of science