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them of foreign bodies that are as pervious to .'■ rays as,

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of the division. This has given excellent results, and

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tion is performed above the matted scar tissue of the old

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minster, on Wednesday next at 12.30 p.m. It is intended

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time somnch to promote knowledge of the injuries of war.

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meeting of the Medical Society of London on November

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sign. Incubation period one month. Dark-ground examina-

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article which our correspondent was criticizing reference

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present. Treatment: Eight injections of 0.3 gram salvarsan

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promoted to captain on completion of a year's service. He

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tion period enabled the Contingencies Fund to be provided

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paths, doing a little gardening in spare time, but in many

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Captain and lirevet-Major (acting Lieut.-Colonelj B. Johnson,

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inspector and surveyor, Chester-leStreet R.D.C .. w ill

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these, 2.5 per cent, at least result in the loss of one or both eyes.

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Jiave a chronic oedema, which does not occur under irriga-

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Doyen's periosteal rib elevator is then slipped in and the

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lie treated by ordinary rest to the eyes, the avoidance of

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Circulation of the Blood. New York: Columbia University press,

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half an hour of the first screening, when the phenomena

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nsurance practitioners is through the Panel Committees.

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a creditable account of assistance given where it was most

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benefit societies ought to be able to overcome such an

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largely independent of extrinsic nerves. Section of the

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T)ix. J. C. Vkrco, in his presidential address delivered at

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coined a ! name from Greek or Latin, as has been

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Ief^°tbt"lf'T' ""', ^^^ '^°""'^^ '" "^° ''^" '"'"l^ar region and

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uniform quality. For manj^ antiseptics the addition of

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said that the general interest in tuberculosis and its pre-