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one was an infant, aged 4 months, who lived for twelve

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although the prices in some cases are five or six times and

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graphic account of the dangers she experienced in going

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we experienced was 67^" below freezing point (Fahrenheit)

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Mott, Halliburton, and Edmunds ; Journ. I'hiisiol., vol. xxxi.

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the luug to collapse, either from adhesions or splinters of

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be secretary or clerk of the appeal tribunal ; under the

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present in considerable numbers in the periosteum and

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2. FINANCIAL SLCRiaAU ^N]? J,,^, jr,omlo┬╗; telepboue,

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ended fatalh'. The majority of the patients were associated

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necessary to maintain the forces at sea, in the field,

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considered it most difficidt to give ; six months' or even a

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From a clinical point of view estimates of the apparent)

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South African Medical Corps, as killed in action, without

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period of byperaemia which follows removal of a tour-

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contrast with 1 : 250 and 1 : 2,000 respectively given by

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medical men at home and the absence of so many Members

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blood is coming from the bowel ulceration. As regards

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and made no complaint of the method of treatment. The

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increased or corrected as research progresses. It would

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ment he should follow. As a means of safeguarding from

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wounds produced at times in the intestine by intact

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Hoc. 19C6. 77. 11. 537. * KlilTlsH Mi-.dicai. .TounSAi.. Fcbruar\ 3rd, 1917.

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to increase the accommodation. In estimating the pay-

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reaching 105'. In all cases some rise of temperature

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died at baidapur, Coorg, on March 20th, 1917. He wa9

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bis own practice), with 67.7 per cent, of recoveries.

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of this disease that what is wanted is the earliest possible

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(2) tliat it has been placed at the disposal of the military

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as iiy s"o doing there is the risk of exterminating iby com-

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was a laceration between tlie sliaft of the tibia and its lower

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Henry have shown, the lung itself offers little resistance,

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findings, which can be learnt by experience alone, is quite