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system ; the blood pressure is thus raised, and the blood is
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wound may fly open. It leaves a residue in the tissues,
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most of his service iu civil emiiloy in the Punjab. He
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one on the forehead, one on the left eyebrow, and one on the
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for rcvivifymg the neuromatous ends of divided nerves.
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A man, going across Blackheath rather the worse for liquor,
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that they should be helped to recognize cases of tuber-
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the study of medicine was based upon the uso of dead
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connnuuity. But if they be so anxious about them, whv
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British Medical .Jouknal and the Lancet. Applications were
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The finger part of such a tube can be placed against
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order to test this the author had had recourse to the
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anxiety, owing to their " blueness " and reluctance to
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cussed at some length, and it appears that out of the sum
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Onions. Vol. x, Vcrificatory—Visor. By W. ,\. CraitJie. M.A., LL.L).
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regimental detachments. There is also a training camp for
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amongst those who have no love for the profession. The
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A deviated septum in a child, provided there is no marked
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operation was found coal-black but shining, and was
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It is only right tliat acknowledgement .should bo made
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edition. London ; William Hcincmanu. 1917. (Demy 8vo, pp. xiv ■!•
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Water patrols, covering a Canadian corps area, are in
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Dr. Dale and his colleagues undertook an investigation of
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