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instances which well illustrate Dr. Hadwen's competence

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important points are: Tlie way in which weight is borno

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chiefly obtained from freshly amputated limbs. The injury

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teenth century, and towards the end of the eighteenth

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who watched over his early career with paternal care,

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psoriasis is of frequent occurrence in tuberculous families,

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on humanity the soul-killing idea of miglit. The preacher

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wives approved for the purpose. At a meeting on the

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«F,;rtl'° "S.r"'' gas gangrene, and on his 4y°to |

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some cases slight spasticity witii exaggerated jerks and

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Further contributions to the ofl'ertory at the annual

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Fig. 4.— Haemorrhage into the sheath of a vessel in the median

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the female muuition workers were able to perform their

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is usually manufactured by plant in the hospital grounds,

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panel practitioners, others by insurance practitioners in

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this young friend of mine?" I said : "I think I shall put a

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can only have it from such as are already on the panel, or,

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transfusion (740 carried out. After 100 had been

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provided for under the National Insurance scheme. She

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.-Vt a meeting of the Pathological Section of the Royal

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1906, after which he acted as clinical assistant at St.

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section is capable of extension and improvement, aud there

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agrees with other observers in stating that little benefit

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■was strengthened by the patient's statement that a doctor

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found it of the greatest possible value iu two couditious:

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In the white matter of the corpus callosuiu, the internal

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friends, desired a field for clinical work. At that time

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is expected that twenty will, on the average, be examined

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of public health, and, if possible, to co-ordinate them into

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C.M.G., A.M.S. ; Colonel -J. B. Wilson, C.M.U., M.-U.

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Luciani : Hnm<in Pnyswlogu, vol. ill (translated by Welby).

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their being consulted at all is not any real anxiety of the

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one would an ordinary pair of scissors, with the hand

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