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femur. This man, wounded Juue 5th. admitted .June 9th, was

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According to the report of the Royal Society's Food

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Captain S. J. Streight.C.A.M.C), in collapsed condition. Right

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hj-gione ; prophylaxis, including instruction, supervision

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the existing hospitals and infirmaries will meet the

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aud the same time ; iu removal of tumours, innocent or

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the liver. This was the sole metastasis found in the

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appeal is for the mauy who are fighting or preparing to

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women. If the annual income av.ailable is snfticieiit. the

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tlie rhetorical way in which the question tends to be

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"in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children," should be

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significance. Agaiu, except in the early stages, the bloocl

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of chloramiue-T adiled to the extent of 1:600 iu the

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Chetham-Strode, Edward Randall, Captain Border Regiment,

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In last week's .Journal there appeared a short obituary

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has since been submitted to the pathologists of the

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College with regard to medical progress during the reign

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Buffered from hunger, thirst, and loss of sleep ; had made

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ot reading this volume — namely, that similar ideas of

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ideal of the English artisan, and at a twelfth of the cost:

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of India, and Sir William Babtie said that they were so

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consideration should be given to the opinion of a London

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State medical service. The rumour may be justified by

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opinion between Captain Emrys-Hoberts and Dr. Frank

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soldiers iu the present war ; to dissect and examine sucji

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1916, although not published until three months later.

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by day as well as by night by pictures of the horrors which

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Cases of severe anaemia, however, respond to it in the

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have the assistance of a Medical Advisory Board, con-

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pletely close the wound by secondary suture. Often tha

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that in 5 more the presumptive evidence in favour of

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rcsiguation by Professor A. S. Leyton of the Chair of Pathology

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to understanding some, at any rate, of the complicated but

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due to the unwillingness of patients to allow themselves

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likely to be available during the winter; he clearly con-

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region, as evidenced by the absence of the palatoglossus

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Gentlemen, I have one further duty to perform, that nf

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disappear on the expulsion of the worm or worms. Tho

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artificial limb should be influenced by the amputation