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stretcher-bearers were hit. Three of them carrying one

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due to a hyaline thrombosis of terminal arterioles. Tho

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rhage and allowed inspection of the wound. It was then clearly

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However, it will bo necessary to study fiu ther material

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men, who pass from one hospital to another for many

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In a note published last week on the war-time economy

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°'lN'?eph"to an inquiry by the Automobile Association

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lieutenant in the Special Reserve of the R.A.M.C. on

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he should get up as soon as it has sufficiently diminished.

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Hospital, £2,000 each to Middlesex, Guy's, King's College,

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as to the nature and extent of the evils, there is a differ-

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as assistant medical officer successively in the Norfolk

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of earning a livelihood from the knowledge they have

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London: Methuen and Co.. Ltd. 1917. Hi ■■ Sj, pp. 105; 47 illustrations.

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Edwai-d Vll Welsh National Memorial .\ssociation for the

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screen are used to the fullest extent in all these cases; a

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with untiring enthusiasm at every detail. Professor

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the posts of senior house-surgeon of Lincoln County Hos-

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of a comprehensive intellectual training. Indeed, those

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As regaxxls the knee-joint this theory presented a diffi-

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the alveolar capillaries of minute hyaline thrombi, occurring

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to use the drawings made by Sergeant A. K. Maxwell,

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distance, i-elatively speaking, nearer the middle line. It

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cannot be si)arcd, and its removal is out of the question.

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Dr. Powell leaves a widow, a daughter, and a sou, who

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a febrile reaction, and examination of the blood on

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ing these subjects. Tlie subcommittee also transmitted to

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lioles anything from afoot to manj' feet deep. It often takes

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in of air, a small incision should be made into the pleura,

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forms of tlie group, may also give trouble. They may

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puscles (C. J. B. 'without blood Sfrum. 1, Norjiiai saline: 2, 5 per

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complains that the Oxford undergraduate "drank too much

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a fracture, allow penetration to occur at right angles to

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The gevLuicidal action of tlic dyes iu defibriuated blood

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young men who are at the front to become competitors

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