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Ambulance Corps "' for front line service. Sir Malcolm
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Cabinet, from the navy, army, or air service to urgent
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portions of shell. All depends upon the type of metal,
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urban districts the pressure of public opinion has been
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body must of necessity have some effect upon the function,
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necessary before certifying. It is important to bear in
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subject, to wliicb, both directly and through bis stimu-
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mutton, but so long as frozen Canadian salmon can be
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Its text was published in the Supplement of August 5th,
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credible persons " that Drebbel could enable men to continue
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ment was, " Is irrigation into the bladder any better than
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very high. During .Tune, July, and August of that year
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diminished, but it insists on the necessity for central
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December complete that •examination by passing in the
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to examine aud grant licences to those wishing to practise.
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gradually ceased after removal of the shrapnel it would
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make the operation more difficult to do, but the patient
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continually engaged in hospital out-patient tonsillectomies,
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back into their original positiou. w here the}' fit into placo
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has therefore recommended, since the bsgisniug of 1916,
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to all the more highly civilized and industrial nations.
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Devon and Exeter Hospital on October 25th, when Mr.
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tion the i>al}ient is almost invariably sound asleep, her
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agriculture and kindred subjects, the rest would be taught
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Service Medical Boaid. The premises must afford ready
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were in the days of Harvey quite insoluble, but wo owe
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perceive the effect of exposure to strong rainy wind ?
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of their ventures — lies in a well-sheltered valley.
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bloedmg point, and this is particulai-ly tine if the^vessels
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mercurv cream. Treatmeut completed August 22nd, 1915.
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The stomach could not be found, the great omentiun and trans-
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himself to the provinces aud began practice as an apotlie-
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and the whole hand passed into the pleural cavitj'. To do
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Case Zl.— Penetrating Ifound or Abdomen : Lapar.->tomi/ : Death
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disinfection exerted by varieus antiseptics, we have deter-
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