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in those somewhat rare cases referred to by Sir StClair

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after treatment on some of the positive eases. Those are

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method has revolutionized mastoid surgery, and I have

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nearly 1,600 people, mostly of the labouring class, and

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After Lord Rhondda had spoken the Conference agreed

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Commons .should not be increased, and the Speaker's

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less than 3,000 blind persons capable of trainiug^antl

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wounds received on September 19th. He was the youngest son

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Explanation. In many of the cases in wliich the appendix

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the patient left hospital with a soundly healed abdominal

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This change indicates a relative degree of exhaustion of

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Alfred Hospital has served as a model for tlie establish-

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disease, and in the great majority of cases the medical

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from tbe Turks, which marks an epoch iu the history of

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recovered from a severe illness; the people of the district,

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why this had happened, and agree that the main reason,

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increase of maternal pulse rate, and in only one case were

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Board "for Scotland obtained reports from couuty medical

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movement we shall drift into a State service in which the

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surgeon-major on :\I.arcii 31st, 1879, surgoon-licutenant-

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The first was representative of various women's organiza-

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Wales being 134,029 on January 1st, 1917, as compared

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killed instantaneously by shrapnel on October 2nd -wbilst

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money has actually been used for the purpose of inventing

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usual thing we draw off by aspiration the blood about the

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casualty officer at St. Thomas's he. took a temporary com-