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where he continued to livo until after the siege of that
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tion, the name and address of the institution and the
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held : the greater the velocitj' of the missile the greater the
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It is specially to be noted that the bill, with few
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once he had discussed the question of sanatorium treat-
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to tho initiative of Professor Carlo Carucci, director of
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of the environment of the patient ; (6) light was thrown
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Wells used pieces of wool of known weight, and these
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regard the nature of the infection provided that approxi-
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five weeks. .S'. pallida present on dark-ground examination.
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test, as in the case of defective kidneys the second hour's
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institutions (not including staff otherwise employed) was
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the first appeal voluntarily to ration their households
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and he adds that the need for tlie strictest economy
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or Class 4, between which the remaining 50 per cent, were
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incidental expenses to whicli those members who were
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Medical Jouunal are requested to communicate with the Oliice.
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Isolation of Cholera 'Vibbio ant) Oihep. Okgakisms.
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to why the explanations of the other officers were not
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Stewart McConnachie, R.A.M.C, Patrick Joseph Francis
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-Medical Association), and Sir Robert Moraxt, wbo. as a
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After the CaiTcl-Dakin treatment of any wound secondary
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Second Admission (JIareh 9th. 1916).— Signs of infection : (1)
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when ingested by the leucocytes, aud the blue-black colour
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locally on the tissues and blood vessels, thus causing
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Williams, O. S. G., Lieutenant Royal Engineers, youngest
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provides for three medical representatives being elected
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quently, their absence, iu the presence of other signs,