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Depth of excision has always been cultivated, and after

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' Experiments on tlie Metabolism of Matter and Energv «'* "'*

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have agreed to them, but it has done so without consulta-

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medicine for the suggestion that carelessness in the public

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suggests that it was by accident that the bomb fell on the

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Dr. Verco paid an elo;iuent tribute to those of his

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appeared aud a bacteriological examination showed a iirofnse

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able for France, Italy, and tlie British Isles, may be

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mandate, aud now applied to be examined, but the College

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Whether, had the iratient's condition been better, it might

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evidence has been obtained which would point to organisms

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Tliis done, tlie gJoved hand should be inserted into the

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than for a year. We agreed to a yearlj- rate. (Quarterly

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inhibit the movements several times ever}- day by an effort

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iastiug about twenty minutes, and occasionally there was

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Branch of the British Jledical Temperance Association.

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in the urine as long as they are present in the blood ; and

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College of Physicians nor the Society of .Apothecaries haxi

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that he quickly becomes very excited ; he almost always

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hensive bacteriological examination of the various organs.

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of the chair. The question of the appointment of a successor

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whose respiratory deficiency is undoubtedly due in the

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Physicians, and of the parts of London favoured by those

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tronblosomo irritants. Liq. calcissnlphurataorVIemingkx'a

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General Milne concludes his dispatch by stating that in

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Case 11. — G.S.II'. Elhou- and Forearm: Evacuated to Base.

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twofold. On the one hand the dead and dying material is

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minimum by the use of as little glaze as possible. Tho

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asked to believe; indeed, it appears to have very dis-