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able to straighten itself, much less move the patella and

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be accomplished by it. All that could be said was that it

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The cost of living has materially risen, and we have

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1. Lobar Pneumonia.— In both cases" the meninges were very

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proved, because, in the light of our present knowledge, we

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and sterility might thus be inferred when viable organisms

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was done, and an abscess with very offensive pus was found

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paraffiui should be left in the i^Ieural cavity. This may

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and independence of the medical profession bj' organization

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is very nervous and is easily and greatly startled by slight

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nose isthat the point of the forceps or end of the ring knife

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if ho still had any desire to become a Fellow, but to this

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ture was 95= P.. aud the jiuise 93. Bv evening the temperature