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Case l.—G.S.W. Femur and Femor<d Vessels: .imputation:
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steps would be taken to close such a house, and that il
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have found sodium diethyl barbiturate (medinal) with
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as tlie wonncl was licaled an opci-ation for closure of tlie
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and amended and, if need be, rewritten " so as to include,
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tomv the pulse became much weaker and more rapid. Blood
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The main interest of the following case lies in the fact
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Tliere was no course open to the guardians except to
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also le.igents can be divided iuto two groups— fa) tboso
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fever cases we cannot as yet state definitely, but it ia
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He had beeu kept in bed under observation, and on the
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parison the sparse records that have come down to U3
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These are new methods of treatment, and as such deserve
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The liver, on microscopic examination, exhibited some
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advised efforts of the surgeon to effect repair. Bearing in
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service in the field. The list contains the following medical
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those universities fought hard for over a century in
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own, the Border, Regiment. He was wounded on June 28th,