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trolled. If largo, the wound of lung should be sutured
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of arm with compound fracture of humerus and divided
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ment Board, the Board of Education, and the Nations^
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five minutes, water two minutes, watery safi-anin 50 per
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possible this was done en masse. In bullet wounds it was
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pital, in the Edward VII Memorial Hall, on October 18th.
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demonstrator of anatomy, .^fter trj-iug practice at Whaley
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modest, diligent student who rose cai-ly, lived on scanty
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shown" by bacteriological investigation, was not completely
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observational and experimental science, but should be
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of the war, with no prospect of release, and with dis-
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falling off of 3,159 during the year 1916; it the average
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waters. Chapters 17, 18, and 19 also contain much iuteresting
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veins and haemorrhage into the sheaths of these vessels,
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bacillus infection in a large retroperitoneal haematoma.
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1917, page 4, par. 9, and Memorandum 234/1. C. (Scotland),
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if so what was the period given to this course of instruc-
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Sapper B. O. J. Admitted January 6th, 1917, under the care
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consolidating Act, re enacted the clause which specifically
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lips were bloodless, pulse imperceptible, breathing slow and
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should be, in addition to the medical officers engaged iu military
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after having been rendered unfit for such duties owing to