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that the Home Office is being consulted regarding Its

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trouble than first attacks, and men who had had one

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sisting of Sir Donald MacAlister, President ot the General

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harmful to candidates for the ministry, for such academic

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insisting ou the great nutritive value and the agreeable

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attains these objects more successfully than when drainage

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remains ex(«llent and the digestion good, but constipation

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the Government lOd. a head a week (most clubs pay out

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blind, and schools have sprung up here and tliere for

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columns, present unusual surgical risks, and " certain

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in any waj' as an attack on his qualifications as a tuber-

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in striking contrast to the close relationship commonly

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was begun. The disadvantages of the method were the

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niencod to probe the secrets of life itself, testing the

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from the central insurance pool of the contributions

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American orthopaedic surseous would develop that method of

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medicine, and at that time was appointed physician to the

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recxamiuatiou is desirable, they will forward all the

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Any scheme for a Ministry of Health must as a primary

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supply medical men serving in the army with cocaine,

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end-bearing, either complete or partial, may be expected

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safely closed by sutures at any period of their progress.

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'J'en or twelve years back we were told that a surgeou

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boiled in a meat tin extracted both lead and tin. At my

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regulations about discharged soldiers and reissue them in

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brought the amount up to £59 lis. lO'd., and, after

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Tliiiih. — Along inner side of left thigh immediately above the

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ambulance, stated that the patient had at least t«S ji>:i^°'lt, hiS

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hearing Sir A. Yapp, on December 3rd adopted a resolu-

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The committee appointed under the vrill of the late

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later a severe secondary haemorrhage occurred, which

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disease of the heart but from any one of numerous causes,

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a collection of water near the bouse. MM. Sergent propose

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unless ho held the degree of Doctor of Jledicine of either

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chair in October, 1916, aud by his munificence had placed

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In any case, whether the wound is excised or not, it

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