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lobe of the right lung; Simpson found one in a man (1£07).
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qualities. The raid failed miserably ; he surrendered with
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calorie v.alue, to compare it wiili estimates of the expen-
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whom an attack of liaomaturia immediately followed the
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first attempt to gather into one volume particulars of
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Pari passu with this spread of infection parallel to the
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was performed, lie returned to duly ou July 31st with a
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and some of the pericarp and germ was included. This
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Panel Committees, of panel practitioners in central
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with intrathecal scrum injection. Tlic number of puuctures
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body," to use the words written by another Addison 200
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remarkable. I have personally seen only two cases of gas
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in dealing with tlie ear. Galvanism has done some good,
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sonnel, and these must, it is to be assumed, necessarily
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17th, p. 671i. My •■ iugenious" statistical method was devised
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First Admission (April Z6tli, 1916).— Signs of infection:!
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resemblances to the algae it is usually classed with
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believed that it was essentially behind that attained by
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• pictured in Figs. I, II, 111, IV. The organism is about the
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all sides that something should be done to bring them
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other joints; they require just as early operation, and it
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Chief of tho Imperial General Staff, on September 29th.
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A stout alcoholic woman of 60 was admitted to a jn-ivate
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other antiseptics of the chlorine group has long been
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humerus just above the cpicondylar line, and the ulna and
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influenced appreciably the movement of the death-rates.
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the after-histories, were at pi'eseut far from satisfying.