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a member of tho British Medical Association, and was a

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work in conjunction with the other branches to maintain

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they govern, but although the people may claim to know

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administration of salvarsan and neo-salvarsan is given,

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improved, the pain iu the chest becoming much less severe

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2nd; the stitches were removed on the 10th, when the wound

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often been very much worse, so that it has been difficult

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bitter taste, which, if ground into the flour, gave it a dis-

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MacGregor, S.A.M.C. ; Temporary Major U. S. Stanuus, M.D. ;

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benefits under the Katioual Insurance Act in so lar as it inter-

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these bodies are really large bacteria in which, with

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interesting to him— games, draughts, dominoes, patience,

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Effect on the Chihi. — There were 3 cases of stillbirth,

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laxness of supervision, sold drugs and practised surrep-

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pletely close the wound by secondary suture. Often tha

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or is not liable to make its appearance. They distiuguLsli

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opinion, should always be carried out, for sudden and

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camp there are ten regular medical officers as instructors

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controversy between day and residential schools crops np,

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tive, shall be " followed up." (2) That every child

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Pensions Committee as authority for making the neces-

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not being a doctor must practise by a licence ; but the

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the present war. As will be seen from the title, the

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The pleura is then, if possible, completely closed, leaving

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•we forget, as the dividend rate will amount to. This does

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bicl■.'^'Si^r^SnS«e°ncv''"^h:^Ut-^s Royal CoUe«e ot

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fjives data on tlie .subject o£ the utilization of coal gas for

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Whether antiseptics should be used in the pleural cavity

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Loniloii University he studied naval construction, and subse-

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BiUish Medical -VSociatlon is 16. South Frederick Street, Dublin.

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teriological aspect at the Central Laboratory, Alexandria.

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From the commencement of the enterprise an imperial

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investigations that sleeping sickness is due to the species of