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local, and that few bacilli enter the general circula-

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commencing treatment, to realize the exact nature of the

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chance of survival without surgical intervention, and as "the

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new edition contains two new chapters in which Dr. Jung

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might be forced directly into the Eustachian tube instead

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a casualty clearing station appears to vary from 7 to 25 per

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in the body was the canse of the kidney trouble, and that if the

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measurements taken from the fold of the axilla or elbow,

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variably test his urine, aud as au example of the ease with

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table life leading to such morbid states as "moulding"

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aud will not contain more alkaloid than a teacupful of tea.

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eccentric position of the nucleus. Compare the same wiih Fig. 6.

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natural inclination is to ask to be given some definite

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torial Force, which laid clown that for each 520 beds there

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clearing stations only just beliind the front, wliere tbey

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teaching, especially of a practical character, should bo

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M.D., R.A.M.C., AleKĀ«uder Waugh Young, M.D., R.A.M.C

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7. If the system is adopted at casualty clearing stations

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described by several authors,' but rather as an abnormal

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every 1,000 people. Nor can it be said that the scale of

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finds liimself in the hands of a teacher who works under

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ambulance companies. The camp infirmary is simply a

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powerfully retracted the seventh from the ninth rib, I was

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able to follow up the histories of hundreds of them, soma

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National Insurance Commissioners were asking for similar

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.lune 14th, 1916, and ttuished its work iu South America iu

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full strength of this sober statement the demand that

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baiine (30 oz.) introduced into vein. At the end of the opera-

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part under consideration, giving a short reference to the

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calling upon the Censors to show by what authority they

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for reasons now easy to recognize, and received from him

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interval, and frequently then only after several operations

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tine examples of the stomach and bowel after an opaque

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While operating ou cases of infected baemotborax with

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patient's condition was considered as it appeared to be on

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involved unwarrantable risks of inducing a breakdown through

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series of notes illustrated by diagrams, and there are excel-

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amounted to 67 per cent, of the total vegetable ration.

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in Philadeli)hia aud London, and is of great interest in