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and otherwise the direct and indirect causes of the uu-

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the aim was to make the equipment of each complete.

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Captain C. Max Page, K.A.M.C.(S.R.), writes: In the

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Elizabeth Charlotte, great granddaughter of James I,

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given gratuitously to i)atients who are maintained by public

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in the hour of need; let us sec to it that wc did not fail

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has issued a series of most valuable memorandums. Its

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medical advice afforded tlicra was that towards which all

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the heavy and light magnesias, calcium lactate and ordi-

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to include base mortality with casualty clearing station

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percentage of the cases some antecedent kidney disability,

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tion acquiral at a university in the days of George III

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certain cases of ga^ gangrene or of extreme collaijse.

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Miller, respectively the head and the first a.ssistaut in the

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an allied forces base hospital, and subsequently took a

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this fixed pension be not on tlie highest scale, it will for

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for their families, or for themselves when past service by

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Board for Ireland was going to do the same. There was

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Reserve of the R.A.M.C as lieutenant on February 10th,

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for the carrying out of special tests. The technique

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s(jveral changes of normal saline. The result of submitting

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which entirely encloses the stunqi, fitting it very accu-

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sumption, then the waut of such provision or insufficiency

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German measles. By such a show of justice and fair .nlav

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More recently, however, Browning and Lis collea.oueg

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cult to malie an aL-solute pronouncement regardinj,' the origin

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chance of survival without surgical intervention, and as "the

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be the local suj^ervising authority, but may delegate its

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is done by cutting along the crista to the mesial sido of

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from twelve to twenty miles per charge, and, in steel

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syringe or pump is used to bring the paste to all deeper

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ache, vomiting, "and scanty urine. On the other hand, it

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a certain amount of blood to run through tho superficial femoral

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of an cntelechy or guiding principle is distinctly vitalistic ;

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inasrow is infected to anj- appreciable depth must, in the

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Canadian Medical Association Journal gives the following

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has now adopted iu the field. He points out as defects iu

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After removal of the cellular portion of the ethmoid the