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Cataflam Potassium

120; blood pressure: svstolic 140, diastolic 74. Progress
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conference. During the week visits have been paid to the
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out that both when drawn and allowed to stand become
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February 4th. Temperature 104.2^ ; delirium constant ;
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stimulate inquiry into the causes of high cost and the
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greater. Thought having been given to the blood supply
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be flexed until re-education has trained the laggard
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Staric S. — Make a incision round the bone near its
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point made in the introductory passages of the report
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merit of pointing it out belongs to Wells alone. In support
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Harrisisou, Major Rowland Darner, D.S.O., E.F.A., only son
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taken. No intratracheal pressure apparatus is necessary.
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56' C. on an agglutinating serum is to increase agglutina-
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bearing upon the modern antiseptic problem, which is the
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• 1 drop = in i Mixture stirred .vitb Dlalinuui wire.
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than of those in the vessels generally. The extremely
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diseases ; but even here new conditions brought new
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Medical Association, or particularly on any committee
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some satisfaction to realize that even in our intense
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come into force in the United States of America and in
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were successful, of whom 32 were placed in the first division;
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instruction to take an industrial bias before the man's
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for convalescent and aftercare cases. Referring to after-
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Goddes, lately Director of Recruiting, and now Minister
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Dr.. CABANiis, who is a diligent explorer of historical by-
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upper part of the shaft of the tibia was compressed over
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same society, iu which he pointed out that albumin was
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ill by early diagnosis and treatment, so that the cases
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placed in a position giving gi'eatest relaxation to the nerve
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Committees will unite in its support. — I am, etc.,
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tribution to the national cause and without prejudice to
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greater number per field, even up to 9, have been in-
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become possible to ligature tlie peritoneum, forming the
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in a better position than formerly to pay what has been
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necessary to which soldiers alone are subjected, and this is
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insulted by nie because I had presumed to call his atten-
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varying between 1,585 and 2,118. As the heat values
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and the draw-sheet was changed as soon as it became wet,