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The prognosis of pneumococcal meningitis is exceedingly

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drachm of thymol is still at the bottom of the bottle after

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. published in the Jouhxal of October 6th, 1917, endorses

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disc 3^.— Pte. B. C; admitted July 27th, 1917. Trench

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and Wales serve a population of about 36,000,000, or one to

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birthrate was 14.3 and the death-rate 14 per 1,000. In the


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pure cultures the germs we want to grow to the exclusion

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injections of 1 gram mercury cream. Treatmeut completea

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«n^,f t" 1"° °I"^"<='1 "P' as patient's condition was not

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It is announced that tlie Ministry of Peusions lias now

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and Wales, which is 21.6 per 1,000. Infantile mortality

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ordinated plan. The report formulated the functions of

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tiiose contained in recent Army Council instructions or

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spacious but artistically pleasing. Nothing remains, either

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Physicians, and of the parts of London favoured by those

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total numV)erot field ambulance-; provided bv tliese corps was

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of the kidnevs and suprarcnals. These had apparently

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similar excretion may occur in other diseases, and thus

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aud of the extreme difficulty not only of the advance of

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stake ; in a gentler age tliey in Germany sent tiiem

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Carmichael Mcintosh, M.D., resigning the chair of natural

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of recent discussions at meetings of rural district councils

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objectionable form. No effort is made to minimize the

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must be carried out and discipline maintained in order to

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of intolerance. In tho later years, iu the years which

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several acute attacks. On October 6th, 7th, and 8tli, the

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trated by specimens from the army medical collection now