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number of organisms in the mixture by plating an aliquot

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Dr. Brownlee mainly employs the statistical method, but

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tiate enjoyed the same privileges and distinction as a

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It was originally with the idea of saving time that this

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eleventh ribs in the left mid-axillary line. The wound was

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amount will be forwarded intact without deduction .for the

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chair for at least a quarter of an hour three times a day.

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and the diminution of local self - government ; and,

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sugar required for their activity, as adrenalin augments

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Gallipoli in August. 1915; as tlie acute symptoms of this

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being stopped as above described, but haemorrhage was

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charged soldiers to doctor. To induce us to attend for

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nearly living, hut more easily decomposed. As Dr. Tibbies

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the man who wove those vivid and incisive lectures from

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the front to be kept in this hell until he loses his reason," etc.

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certam extent unpreventable h^.f Vi "^^^^^ 'ypes are to a

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present Parliament will be required this autumn. The

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of the wound he obtained a clean gi-anulating wound and

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an intestinal oiigin of the nephritis, I can hardly regard

in rheumatoid arthritis sulfasalazine reduces the rate of appearance of

and eosin, .2) Van Gieson, (3) thionin, (4) polychrome and

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E. R. Stephen, M.B., Ronald G. Lyster, and Horace P.

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we may add. Abiding Traitor, and not only that of this

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High School. Birmingham. He entered the ""'^^^ ."i^.'" £

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vomiting. There was now marked diarrhoea, some rigidity of


opportunities of work, and eventually became house-

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liable to lead to couohisions; a rifle fired iuto the

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to practise radiography on their own account. The same

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nowhere does he formulate these observations into a

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be obtained by intravenous injections of hypertonic saline,

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the country. Indeed, the Government is to blame in not

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by the galvanometer, are found to var}', in a very con-

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chosen as bearing some similarity to that in which the

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spinal fluid was definitely purulent in four adults, even

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In the following table, a few new experiments are given,

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Physicians, and of the parts of London favoured by those

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Vaccination in Ireland. — In answer to Sir T. Esmonde, Mr.

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organisms and toxic absorption from the walls of the

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risk does not depend on the length of labour nor the

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4. IIVsi Mitiliiml, comprisiuy Stafford, Warwick, Worcester,

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Society of Internal Medicine will be devoted to diseases