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two perouei tendons, and a small perforation having been made
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and iu their second stage are hardly distinguishable from
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cases judgement was suspended f<ir r.norts iu three and
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recent times. The surgeon must always think in terms
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educated at Alleyn's School, Dulwich, and King's Colle"e,
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hospital, and the total number treated since its opening
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press — that few members even of the educated public
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course, is not so. The serious affection of the patient's
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Oi-r ?;.— Pte. O. M.; admitted July 15th. 1917, with shell
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Ar a recent meeting of the Listowel Guardians a letter
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man of the medical board, in the case of these men, will,
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One of the earliest pieces of evidence was the manifesto
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was displaced downwards, and to the left. The left lung was
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|6^ There is no doubt that the British Medical Asso-
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pieces of wounded blood vessels, cases where vessels have
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in cachets of 3 gr. cacli. Ten cases (91 per cent.) were
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a series of chemical processes must rest. The book is
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information as to the efftct of good physical training on
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the majority of the Fellows, sfnd who retaliated by showing
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trench foot, aud insert a great number of excellent photo-
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being used for this purpose. If this is carefully done there
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effectiveness of the defensive air barrage. But this
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insistent on sending hospital cases to sanatoriums, thereby
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original motion, the vote of confidence was carried by
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