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numbers a very active flagellate. This organism was
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the discharge becomes less iu amount it is advisable to cut
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have been lighting, the burrows and billets in which tliey
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has been little diminution in the amount of urine excreted.
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Contingencies Fund mitil the nest valuation. Objections had
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sanatorium treatment for other than incipient cases is
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with 12,654 voters on the register at .Jauuary 1st. 1915: Glasgow
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Captain Eric Thomas Gaunt, R..\.M.C., was killed in
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made recommendations to cover all the Southern and some
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2. An infected fracture of the shaft of a long bono
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dinner will be served from 6 to 8 o'clock at 2s. 6d. yiei
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must surely require most unusual dexterity to insert a
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(iu themselves •■ poisonous " before being broken down) are
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in the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, with Dr. M. O'M. Knott
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amongst children arc the result of venereal disease in tlia
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have tried both the ordinary thigh bucket and this appli-
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Of couise, one is dealing with a class of case in which
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sioners, of deputy commissioners, and of members of
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supination above right knee (for gas gangrene', left calf widely
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regarded as one indication of the whole extent of damage
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colleagues, what end have they in view? If they think
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actively engaged in private .t-iay work in the locality of
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dressing is all that is required ; and (3) that no symptoms
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Dr. J. J. Perkins spoke of the causes of the failure of
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not occur. But uufortuuately we have to cut our coafc
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excretions of 50 per cent, and 46 per cent, respectively in
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baby suffering from melaena, soon after birth, by simply
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mortality in infancy and childhood obtaining in dilTcrent
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enter any apothecary's shop in England and Wales and to
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Thomson, Alexis: Nt-iiroiiui and Neuro-ilbromnfosis. 1900.
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Trainiig of physician and nurse was very necessary. Con-
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-of London, died at Bendigo, Victoria, .Vustralia. on July
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greater. Thought having been given to the blood supply
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