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enormous. What happened to the man when it occurred

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placed at my disposal since June 14tli, 1917. I have used

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.lies vertically behind the caecum its tip is firmly fixed

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GreenUod Sk A C. Geddes said that the Min stry of >.ational

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It is not always a very easy task to exhibit faithfully

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repairing this omission by attending lectures on medical

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transplantable carcinoma of rats but also of the granula-

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it, for it was nothing less than murder to sell adulterated

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only were to be sent to sanatoriums, but he had patientrf

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opinion can, as a rule, only find imperfect expression. The

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Pte. T., admitted June 17th as a carrier. Swabs persistently

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«ir Alfred Keogh, Sir tleorge Makins, and Sir Francis Treherne.

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grinding, and one of the resolutions of the Academy

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Charles Workman, of Glasgow, died of wounds on July 20th.

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always be made in the laboratory. Infection by way of

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good a view of the ethmoidal bulla is obtained, and of

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other non-panel medical practitioners to refrain from

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said that neurasthenia is a complex of symptoms induced

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at salaries of £250 a year or less, and (2) part-time

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minutes once or twice in twenty-four hours I We need to

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at present it can be oulj- a speculation as to what may

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amounted to 67 per cent, of the total vegetable ration.

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position between the under surface of the liver and the

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of much valuable work, followed, it must be admitted, by

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tuberculosis occurring in later life was both more common

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that he was not fit for a soldier in any form. The man

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surfaces with a finger. Rubber gloves are understood.

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unitary Hosiiitil on August 1st. 1916. showing the sbrapnel bullet

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bodies are more deeply stained, and resemble closely

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the bacteriophorous, just as scrofulous persons are called

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with the present state of affairs. For those who dispense

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the feet of Stanger by citing the by-law passed after Lord

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probably nearer i per cent. The cases admitted into the

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heal rapidly, without fever, and without the danger of

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in the Journal of March 24th, tended to shoAv that the

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Evans, of Chicago, the President of the United States

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and yet it is a relief to turn for a short time to articles,

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employed without delay. The result is generally very,

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ensuring the speedy attendance of a medical man iu the