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from all sources. Ill health clogged his steps ; in his forty-

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first-aid treatment of such injuries ; and (2) what percentage of

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veuouslv was followed bv some improvement. On the following

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but from the great schools of London, Edinburgh, and

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medical officer examining the man, who will also record

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prolonged centrifuging (ten minutes at least, and the

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motor cars, and other auxiliary services of the army. In

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is left to the very end of life because it is the most difficult

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such treatment, if the man is considered to bo unfit for

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her pulse and general condition were satisfactory. Chloroform

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than 9d. per lb., and a great many will be able to pay only

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can bactrim treat uti

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had referred to the great contribution of India. Colonel

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chosen. The use of blood as a standard medium for the

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give any ground for postponing practical measures for

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analogous to the " regulations " of the Commissioners, but

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with small doses of chloral hydrate, and tincture ot opium

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any widely agreed solution, and so long as this was

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than the other (see Fig. 2). After the suppurating cells