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Bactrim Vs Septra Ds

treatments were carried out by one of us (J. C. M.i.and theexamiu^^

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I'eflexes, but with the power of rapid and accurate response

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before the war in the interests of retrenchment, although

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tuberculosis— asthma, enlarged glands, aud the so-called

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of Vivisection, though that fact does not appear on the title

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Association might be used for this purpose, and, if the

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We arc now to follow Hilton when he is launclicd in the

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It was not until 1823 that the Lancet appeared, and

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guns on the invaluable collections of tho Natural Historj-

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When a mute or aphonic man has been told that he will

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1 grain every other night until only the latter is given, and

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pressure that could be exerted with a dissecting-rootu

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patients have reached the North of England dropsy, if ever

bactrim vs septra ds

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serum is then obtaiiie I. One drop of this serum is placed upon

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â– wrote on tropical subjects to the journals, and these

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tract, washes away any effete matters which may offend.

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with the help of the younger graduates, they must prepare

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medical officers, and have thus still further proved their

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ments, each of two to three pastille doses, filtered. The