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opera.te on the wounds handed over to us in the casualty

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That is true; but what he may not know is that the most

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British Medical Jour.val, March 1st, 1916, and a little

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mitted to hospital with (1) a primary papular erosive syphiht.c

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stations, which the wounded, whether lying or sitting,

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250 beds, there are now 1,800; in Liverpool, which started

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between interrupted sutures, not too together. From

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obviously enlarged, but in some cases moderate enlarge-

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the absence of haemolysis is the capacity of previously

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spinal fluid (see Fig. 9). The cortical neurones are swollen

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prescription. It was true that the prescriptions themselves

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the number of deaf-mutes in Italy was 27,608, and of blind

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figure 1 : 250 for the lethal concentration of chloramine-T

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at Guy's Hospital Medical School : Senior Science Scholar-

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was present in most patients in whom narcosis was well

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those of the amoebic dysentery for which the drug is given,

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transfusion: pulse 84; blood pressure : systolic 120, diastolic 66.

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midwivea, and local authorities to provide better con-

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culosis, which has just been created in the university.