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has not always been sufficiently close and cordial, and
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One of us (H. F. W.) has since returning from Russia
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discovery of foreign bodies aud unsatisfactory pictures
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The following case shows the chief cause of failure,
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to thirty six hours, and then thrice a day until the stools
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respond to artificial respiration, hot and cold baths, etc.,
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investigating the carlj' stages of inflammation. After a
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Graduates' Association was held ou November 28th at;
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of the soldiers who had remained many hours in an erect
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The expenses of the foundation will be defrayed l)y Drs.
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lent sections ou the selection of foods, and on the need for
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Dr. Brackenbury now admits that these detailed pro-
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Sanatorium Benefit Subcommittee, said that the period of
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utmost clearness the plan of trench systems, the dis-
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to disappear, aud it uever recurred. Xo cultivation was taken
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averaged, we cannot check his figure, but statistically,
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wounds in this country. We wish it all success; the
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rcmunei-ation for medical services rendered has altered to
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wound — a thing in these cases most undesirable. In these
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■■ foods "' by exciting reactions which break them "up. It Ls
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missioned officers and twenty-nine privates of the R.A.M.C,
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Sir Donald MaoAlister, K.C.B., M.D.', Professor Arthur Keith,
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Medical Benolit Subcommittee, wliicli recommended the
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of success : music, pianoforte tuning, the religious minis-
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Dr. J. P. Gaunt, late of Alveschurch, Worcestershire, and
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is not so safe and should be avoided. I believe some of the
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that the medical work now performed by various depart-